Welcome! Let's plan your BINGO party! 

After you order, Lisa Dunn, Executive Director for The Silver Closet will contact you to help plan and customize your party, and get it on the calendar. 


Once it is scheduled, you'll receive a link to an event page on The Silver Closet's website - www.silvercloset.org. The event page is for your private bingo party. You'll want to invite your party guests to get signed up!  


Here are some tips for a successful party:

Make sure your guests sign up on the event page so they get the link to the Zoom Room and to their Bingo cards. 

Your guests can play their bingo cards online and mark them with their mouse by clicking on a number, or they can print them out and mark them with a pen. 

Plan on 1 1/2 hours for the party

Your party comes with 200 Bingo cards. Each player will receive 10 cards. 10 Bingo games take approxitmately 1 hour. 

We will also throw in some fun trivia questions between games to keep the party moving!

You may want to provide some small prizes for the winners, but that is completely up to you. 


Word Hunt Bingo - Private Bingo Game

  • The Silver Closet is an all-volunteer organization. We depend on your donations so that we may provide furniture and household goods for seniors at no cost to them. We will work hard to be sure your party is a success. If you need to cancel and request a refund, we kindly request a 7 day notice to reschedule. If you are unable to reschedule, and do not provide a 7 day notice, The Silver Closet reserves the right to make your $100 donation non-refundable.